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The IT requirements of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) can vary considerably, but few businesses can now operate without some form of IT systems. But how many smaller businesses have the luxury of full-time IT professionals on the payroll? Windrose IT Consulting provides a range of services that enable your business to take full advantage of Information and Communications Technology in a cost-effective manner. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues facing SMEs, coupled with an extensive knowledge of current technologies and future trends, Windrose IT Consulting can provide independent, impartial advice without the technical jargon.

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services graphic (health check meeting) IT Health Check
Audit & assessment of your current IT resources.
Windrose IT Consulting can undertake an initial fixed price review of your existing IT systems, to highlight any immediate weaknesses that are putting your business at risk, and identify opportunities to improve your usage of IT.

The results of the IT Health check are detailed in a report identifying the issues, potential impact and clear recommendations for improvements.

Information Security
Protecting your business against latent risks and threats.
A recent survey found that 83% of businesses fell victim to some form of high-tech crime in 2003. With their increasing reliance on IT systems, it is essential that businesses take the necessary steps to protect themselves from both external and internal security threats.
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Optimising Resources Optimising Resources
Maximising your existing investment in IT.
Most businesses fail to exploit all the capabilities and functionality of their existing IT systems and infrastructure. Windrose IT Consulting can help your business unlock the potential of your investment and make your information and systems work harder for you.

Charting Future Directions
Aligning IT resources with business objectives.
Your IT systems should support the direction you wish to develop your business, not constrain it. Windrose IT Consulting works with businesses to help them regain the “big picture”, then align IT resources and expenditure with their commercial objectives, so increasing profitability and reducing costs. We can quantify the tangible benefits that would accrue from your investment in IT, so maximising returns for your business.
Charting Future Directions


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